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Become a Spikko Resller, and generate an additional
long term revenue stream!


Manage your accounts
Manage your accounts
Collect pre-payment from your customers No need to modify or change your current phone services. Our service is separate and does not conflict with your phone services.Read More


Manage your customers accounts, Collect pre-payment from your customers and set your own prices.
Contact partners@spikko.com for more info.

The Spikko Service is complementary to these industries:

  • Retail: offer call forwarding services directly to your customers
  • SIM cards seller: Offer your customers a local number in their country of origin.
  • Ad agencies/SEO experts: offer phone numbers as a tool to track results across campaigns and media
  • Web or graphic designer: Enhance your customer image with international & toll free numbers.
  • Business card provider: offer your customers international numbers on their new business cards.


Become a Spikko Reseller

Become a Spikko Reseller today
Our phone numbers are relevant to anyone, anywhere with no geographic limits. Our customers often keep their numbers forever which results in recurring commission every month for our resellers.

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