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Get a permanent local number in any country you choose, receive calls from all numbers on your own mobile device and control your identity in outgoing calls.

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Living abroad?
Spikko makes it easy to call home and for home to call you as if you have never left. Dialing your home country directly from your address book is a click away.
Spikko for
Business People
Being close to your global customers does not require a flight, all it takes is a local phone number.
Get a New York, London or any global phone number.
Spikko for
Traveling abroad?
Roam the globe without roaming charges! Using Spikko makes it easy to communicate with home.
Spikko for
Mobile Recording
Concerned with mobile call recording compliance?
Spikko's solution will record all calls on your business number, preserving the privacy of the personal number.
Spikko for
Provide your customers (private or enterprise grade) with a true multi line capabilities. Seamless integration with other numbers on the same device. All intuitively managed including mobile calls recording.
Spikko for
Own, fully manage and record, the business mobile line of your entire workforce - while enabling your employees to keep their private line – on the same device.
One Phone, Multiple Numbers
Get additional phone numbers to your device without buying additional SIM cards
  • Multiple
    Global Numbers
    Global phone calls will reach you wherever you are in the world
  • Global Calls
    Local Rates
    Competitive prices for long distance calls at superior quality, with no commitment
  • Control your
    Caller ID
    Select a phone number that will be shown on the call receiver screen
  • Make Calls Without Mobile Data
    Calls are GSM based with superb quality
  • No Commitment
    Buy a prepaid package,
    cancel or replace your number at any time
  • When Traveling and Switching SIMs
    Your numbers and calls will follow you

"We are using Spikko for our entire international communications, for a few years now. We are using the service both for our sales persons and office. Spikko service is flexible, inexpensive and with excelent quality. We get excellent responses and support from Spikko, even when we have special requirements."

Aroon Chintana, CEO of Bangkok Tourist Center, Thailand

"Thanks to Spikko we have managed to expand our global presence . We are getting calls and requests for service from customers even prior to their arrival to India, We are happy with Spikko services and calls quality."

Yogesh Gupta, Marketing Director, TaxiWale - Car Rental India

We at 500tech.com are using Spikko services for more than a year. We were in a need for a virtual number to be forwarded and share among our top management. The feature is effective user friendly and working with no downtime.

Boris Dinkevich, CEO, 500tech.com

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