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    Get a Toll Free number for your business
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  • Toll Free numbers forwarded to your phone

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  • Immediate activation

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We are the world's largest call forwarding service from the USA and UK.

Why should I get VOIP Phone Numbers?

Spikko provides a wide range of Toll free numbers in more than 100 countries around the world! Get instant activation and have your customers reach you now , at no cost to them! All calls can be forwarded to either your landline, mobile or main office anywhere you choose around the world.

Starting of today, anyone dialing your new Toll Free number is forwarded right to you .no matter if you're half way across the world or just 50 feet across the street.

Looking for Toll free numbers?

      • Toll Free Number

      • Increase incoming sale calls
      • Forward all calls to your phone

      • How can super local strategy can contribute to your sales
      • Campaign measuraments

      • Sound Great - Nation-wide Style
      • Easy admin tool

      • Improve your online and offline campaigns

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measure your performance with tracking numbers

Weather you own a local or international business, Spikko's Toll Free or local numbers are an excellent way for you to be seen as a BIG COMPANY to your target audience
You customers will not be charged a dime, and you'll be able to drive more qualified sale calls to your business. Spikko offers a large inventory Toll Free phone numbers all around the world. You also can get local numbers in cities your customers are at. That way you can get different local phone numbers for different locations where you are advertising and measure your campaign performance by location.


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